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In Joen­suu, even a Cana­dian feels right at home

Joensuu is a safe and beautiful city

When it comes to the best things about Joen­suu, Jason can’t seem to run out of good things to say.

Cana­dian Jason Pritc­hard has been living in Joen­suu for three months now. The 36-year-old moved to North Kare­lia to live with his spouse.

Jason’s wife Piri­ta has her roots in Käsä­mä in Lipe­ri. Jason and Piri­ta first lived in Cana­da for six years, but fol­lowing the birth of their child, Piri­ta star­ted year­ning for a move back to her child­hood landsca­pe.

“Piri­ta wan­ted to live clo­se to her parents. We thought it was time for a chan­ge of sce­ne­ry, as I’ve lived in many dif­fe­rent count­ries and real­ly wan­ted to see Fin­land and get to know my wife’s roots.”

After arri­ving in Fin­land, Jason and Piri­ta first lived with Pirita’s parents whi­le loo­king for a home of their own.

“Two months was qui­te a long time to live with the in-laws, but we mana­ged to find a home for us in Kar­sik­ko.”

“Kar­sik­ko has a nice mix of city life and the count­ry­si­de. I myself come from Cal­ga­ry, so my wife and I were loo­king for a somew­hat urban living envi­ron­ment.”

Jason Pritc­hard and wife Piri­ta star­ted a fami­ly and lived in Cana­da for six years befo­re moving to Joen­suu.

A unique and safe city

When it comes to the best sides of Joen­suu, Jason can’t seem to run out of good things to say. Jason may still be viewing Joen­suu through rose-tin­ted glas­ses, so he will pro­bably come up with somet­hing bad to say about the city later, but the people and the safe­ty of the city have alrea­dy left a las­ting impres­sion on him.

“Eve­ryt­hing here’s so clean and well-kept! The river­si­de is beau­ti­ful­ly lit, and the­re are lots of dif­fe­rent res­tau­rants around it. Joen­suu is a tru­ly unique city arc­hi­tec­tu­ral­ly as well,” says Jason.

“The park areas are main­tai­ned well, and the children’s playgrounds are nice­ly desig­ned and safe. In gene­ral, the safe­ty of Joen­suu is somet­hing alto­get­her unique. You can’t see any home­less people on the streets,” says Jason.

Joen­suu is a safe and beau­ti­ful city with a rich res­tau­rant cul­tu­re.

A mul­ticul­tu­ral para­di­se

Jason has good points of com­pa­ri­son, as he has lived in the Uni­ted Sta­tes, Peru, Mexico and Chi­na, among others. Jason has also visi­ted many dif­fe­rent count­ries during his tra­vels.

He won­ders whet­her the people of Joen­suu them­sel­ves unders­tand what a para­di­se they are living in.

“Here, you don’t need to look over your shoul­der in fear of someo­ne attac­king you. Piri­ta and I also lived in Var­kaus for a brief period, and alt­hough it was a beau­ti­ful place, it was most­ly elder­ly people and tee­na­gers the­re. The­re are more young adults and people our age in Joen­suu.”

Accor­ding to Jason, Joen­suu also has great res­tau­rants and cui­si­ne from many dif­fe­rent cul­tu­res.

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Jason, who has lived in dif­fe­rent parts of the world, has found like-min­ded com­pa­ny in Joen­suu through his hob­bies.

“In Joen­suu, even a Cana­dian feels right at home.Although you see most­ly Finns on the streets, you feel right at home thanks to the rich res­tau­rant cul­tu­re and other people with foreign backgrounds around us whom we have met at eve­ning events orga­ni­sed by the Free Church.”

Jason, who is cur­rent­ly loo­king for work in the logis­tics sec­tor, also prai­ses the emplo­y­ment ser­vices, which, in his opi­nion, take his work his­to­ry well into account.

“Unli­ke in some other count­ries, the emplo­y­ment ser­vices here actual­ly help you with fin­ding work. They’ve given me lots of emplo­y­ment tips.”

Jason, who com­po­ses ambient music, has also got to know the Joen­suu music sce­ne.

Who knows, per­haps a new star from Joen­suu will take over the Fin­nish music sce­ne in the near futu­re?

“I joi­ned forces with a few friends of mine, so we’ll just have to see what we can come up with,” says Jason.

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