Nainen kävelee Joensuun kävelykadulla.

The best city in the happiest country in the world

Joensuu took Nuha Hamdan’s heart

Jordanian Nuha Hamdan fell in love with Joensuu, although she had also been to Helsinki. “Joensuu is a cosy city with everything you need, and the distances are short.”

Nuha Hamdan, 23, who graduated as a software engineer in Jordan, wanted to move to Finland because the country was said to be the happiest country in the world.

Nuha, who works as a coder at Nordea, moved to Joensuu less than six months ago. She arrived in Joensuu at the height of spring when the Finnish nature was in full bloom.

“I’ve always wanted to live abroad, and Finland has unspoilt nature. I applied for several jobs and got a job at Nordea,” says Nuha.

Nuha praises the city of Joensuu. She has also visited Helsinki a couple of times, but Joensuu has stolen her heart.

“Here, the changing of the seasons is clear – you have summer, autumn and winter, which I’m looking forward to,” says Nuha.

Nuha Hamdan is looking forward to experiencing North Karelia’s four seasons. Next up is winter, for which she has already prepared.

Winter clothing ready

Although Nuha’s home country has a winter season, it doesn’t compare to the snowy winter of North Karelia.

“I’ve already got myself winter boots and a warm coat, so I’m prepared for the cold,” says Nuha with a laugh. She has made friends at work but also cherishes her Jordanian friends that she has made in her new home town.

“One of them is a software engineer, one is studying at a university of applied sciences and one owns a restaurant,” says Nuha.

The food culture in Joensuu is extremely rich.

Speaking of restaurants, what does a woman accustomed to Middle Eastern flavours think about Finnish food?

Nuha gives a diplomatic response.

“To be honest, it’s better than I expected. In Joensuu, you can experience flavours from all over the world. The food culture here is extremely rich.”

“Food is also available around the clock. Overall, I would say that the food here is good,” says Nuha.

“Joensuu is such a cosy city, and everything here is at a suitable distance. Still, you have all kinds of activities you can do here.”

“Here, you can easily arrange a meeting with acquaintances because the city is smaller and cosier than Helsinki, for example,” says Nuha.

According to Nuha Hamdan, Joensuu is cozy and everything is within a reasonable distance.

The international Joensuu

Nuha hasn’t felt that there is a language barrier, as she says that she can get service in English everywhere.

“However, I’m also studying Finnish, as I want to learn the language of my country of residence.”

Nuha doesn’t know how long she plans to live in Joensuu yet.

Perhaps even for the rest of her life?

“Yes, I could see myself living in Joensuu for the rest of my life. I’m not sure yet, but I would like to stay here as long as possible. Five years at least,” says Nuha.

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