Chi­lean Mau­ricio made Joen­suu his home

An international family enjoys Joensuu

Chi­le-born Mau­ricio Acu­na, 51, moved to Joen­suu for work. He works as a pro­fes­sor of forest ope­ra­tion and tech­no­lo­gy at Natu­ral Resources Ins­ti­tu­te Fin­land (Luke). He has success­ful­ly made Joen­suu his home, and would not want to move anyw­he­re else any­mo­re.

“I alrea­dy knew Joen­suu and some people here, so it was not dif­ficult to deci­de to live in Joen­suu.”

Mauricio’s fami­ly con­sists of his wife Mar­le­ne and 17-year-old daugh­ter Ange­li­na.

“I ear­ned my doc­to­ra­te in the Uni­ted Sta­tes and, befo­re coming to Fin­land, we lived in Austra­lia for 16 years. Ange­li­na, my daugh­ter, was born in the Uni­ted Sta­tes. We’re all Austra­lian citizens as well.”

You can walk to school and the­re are no school uni­forms

Mauricio’s daugh­ter goes to the inter­na­tio­nal upper secon­da­ry school in Joen­suu.

“She’s made many friends from dif­fe­rent natio­na­li­ties, and she real­ly apprecia­tes the high-class upper secon­da­ry educa­tion in Fin­land. The school gave her all the text­books and a lap­top,” Mau­ricio says with admi­ra­tion.

Inte­gra­ting into the Joen­suu school com­mu­ni­ty has been easy for Ange­li­na, as all the cour­ses in the upper secon­da­ry are in English.

“The move from Austra­lia has been qui­te easy. Ange­li­na also apprecia­tes the fact that she can walk to school and she doesn’t have to wear a school uni­form.”

The move from Austra­lia has been qui­te easy.

Mau­ricio has a five-year cont­ract with Luke but, if the Acu­na fami­ly is given the oppor­tu­ni­ty, he would like to stay in Joen­suu.

“I don’t know the who­le city yet, but I like the riverfront, the bota­nic gar­den, the Kuha­sa­lo rou­te, Lin­nun­lah­ti and Ilo­saa­ri.”

Joen­suu offers sports events befit­ting an inter­na­tio­nal tas­te, and Mau­ricio likes to go to the­se events with his fami­ly.

“We have been to a few of Kataja’s bas­ket­ball games.”

Alt­hough the win­ter sce­ne­ry is beau­ti­ful, Mau­ricio thinks sum­mer is the best time in Joen­suu.

“I love sum­mer in Joen­suu. The tem­pe­ra­tu­re is very nice and the sce­ne­ry and natu­re of Joen­suu are beau­ti­ful. I enjoy going to Koli Natio­nal Park and to Nur­mes and beac­hes like Lin­nun­lah­ti and Kon­tio­lah­ti with my fami­ly,” says Mau­ricio.

Mau­ricio also men­tions wal­king the riverfront as a sha­red fami­ly pas­ti­me.

“In the sum­mer we also had lunch on the riverfront on one of the res­tau­rant ships; both the food and the sce­ne­ry were very enjo­y­able.”

Mau­ricio Acu­na works as a pro­fes­sor of forest tech­no­lo­gy. The work envi­ron­ment is a beau­ti­ful woo­den Met­la house.

Ski les­sons in the futu­re

Mau­ricio enjo­ys being clo­se to the river in win­ter­ti­me as well, and the Kuha­sa­lo natu­re trail in par­ticu­lar is a fami­ly favou­ri­te. The next item on Mauricio’s agen­da is to learn to ski.

“We are plan­ning on taking skiing les­sons at the begin­ning of next year and enjo­ying other win­ter acti­vi­ties.”

Mau­ricio has not­hing nega­ti­ve to say about Joen­suu.

“I like eve­ryt­hing here in the city.”

“We are plan­ning on taking skiing les­sons at the begin­ning of next year and enjo­ying other win­ter acti­vi­ties.”

Mau­ricio does have one tip for any­one moving to Joen­suu, especial­ly if they are moving from a warm count­ry.

“You should get good and warm clot­hes for win­ter.”

Mau­ricio also thinks it is good to learn at least some Fin­nish.

“It’s not always easy to com­mu­nica­te, it’s a good idea to learn somet­hing about Fin­nish cul­tu­re, and to get an apart­ment befo­re­hand.”

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